"Eric’s bright and bouncy energy mixed with Gerianne’s sassy, soulful, vibrant warmth makes for a pleasant party atmosphere that feels as intimate as being at a cocktail party in someone’s living room."

-Joan Stevenson FLAME MAGAZINE

“Yet it also occurred to me during many moments of the evening that Eric and Gerianne would be just as fittingly seen and heard from a Broadway stage. They are simply that good at their craft.”

-Barbara Yoresh THEATRE-GO-ROUND

“Prepare to be deeply touched by the hot-and-heavy tag teamwork of Eric Swanson and Gerianne Ditto-Harvey, better known as The Dynamic Duo.

-Scott Holland Hot Spots Magazine

As a truly talented duo, Eric and Gerianne will leave you with a night of song, laughter, and comradery. Their joy is contagious."

-Steve Evans OutClique Magazine

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